Ms Ingrid Stanyer

Ms Ingrid Stanyer
Ms Ingrid Stanyer
Ms Ingrid Stanyer


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Ingrid Stanyer joined the School of Education in October 2019 having previously held Deputy Head posts in two Aberdeen City schools and prior to that working for 13 years within the independent education sector. In post, Ingrid's areas of development included Learning for Sustainability, Health and Wellbeing across the Curriculum (including Mindfulness) and Music. 

Ingrid teaches within the PGDE (P) course across a range of subjects including RME, Literacy, Music, Health and Wellbeing as well as the new Virtual Practicum course.  From Session 20/21 Ingrid is the Course Co-ordinator of the MA2 Course "Into Practice". Ingrid is also the pastoral student lead for the MA1 students joining the MA Education course this year and also teaches on the first year Global Perspectives in Education course as well as the first year "Introduction to Inclusive Teaching" course. Ingrid is also one of the tutors on the MA2 course "Belief Matters".  In addition to teaching on the PGDE and MA courses Ingrid is a tutor on the "Leading Change" Middle Level Leadership (MsC) course. 

Ingrid is a trained Mindfulness teacher (Mindfulness in Schools Project), and has continued to do Mindfulness teaching outreach to primary schools in the Aberdeen area.