Principle 3: Assessment should be authentic, building in integrity, and be efficient

Provide assessment that tests learning outcomes, where appropriate is ‘authentic’ (reflecting or recreating real-life situations and/or enabling students to demonstrate the applicability of their learning to various discipline contexts and scenarios), tests skills and thinking (rather than solely based on fact recall) and is streamlined to avoid over-assessment.

Possible approaches

What you can do

  • use a variety of assessment approaches that allow application of knowledge (e.g. graded debates, creating resources for the public, preparing research proposals, creative outputs, reviews and summaries);
  • work with employers or other stakeholders to design authentic assessments;
  • use digital submission as the preferred approach to submission where suitable to the format of the assessment;
  • assess each learning outcomes once to avoid over assessment;
  • embed formative assessment to support student learning;
  • when creating your assessment keep in mind the potential use of generative artificial intelligence tools