Active Learning

Active Learning

Principle 1: Nurture active learning

Active learning should involve both guided and independent learning and should be designed with the achievement of learning outcomes as a focus.

Make the most effective use of in-person teaching.

Where used and appropriate, asynchronous delivery should be designed to enable students to gain the maximum benefit from the active learning opportunities offered in person.

Possible approaches

What you can do

  • release of some content ahead of time (e.g. as bite-size recordings, preparatory readings);
  • use of a flipped classroom approach to allow more interactive, problem-
    based learning;
  • use of student-led teaching (e.g. allowing students to research a topic, and share
    it with peers);
  • use of practical activities (labs / creative practice / field trips / real world explorations);
  • ensure, in all cases, clear communication to all students is provided which details all teaching, learning and assessment expectations to support students to manage their learning journey.

Examples for encouraging active learning and further information can be found on our Examples & Inspiration page.