Generative Artificial Intelligence

Generative Artificial Intelligence

Recently the use of Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) tools, such as ChatGPT has gained in prominence, this page aims to collate some resources on AI and ChatGPT and highlight any upcoming events with regards to AI and ChatGPT.

Sharing Ideas and Practice of using GenAI

If you have any examples of your own teaching and learning practice which uses GenAI we would love to hear from you by completing our Generative Artificial Intelligence Case Study Form.

Upcoming Events


School-wide discussion with CAD & Dean for Educational Innovation on the opportunities and challenges associated with GenAI in Education

As the University continues to develop its principles on the use of generative artificial intelligence (genAI) in Education, and the opportunities and challenges these technologies present, we would like to organise School-level discussions on this topic that would be facilitated by CAD/Dean for Educational Innovation, which would inform our developing practice and policies in this area. Please email to arrange suitable dates for such a session.

Last academic year we offered:

  • Open sessions on 'ChatGPT and Assessment Practice', enabling staff to contribute to practice and policy in this area. 
  • Assessment clinics, enabling facilitated discussions on authentic assessment at discipline-level are being offered to all Schools

If you would like further information about the above sessions please contact the Centre for Academic Development:


  • No upcoming events at the moment

External Resources

Within Higher Education there has been a lot of discussion regarding Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools, such as ChatGPT, the following resources and links have been created and shared across the community. A useful starting place is the recent resource published by JISC 'A Generative AI Primer'. Also QAA has a very useful curated web page of resources on ChatGPT and Artificial Intelligence, as does JISC's National Centre for AI.





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