Space Management Group

Space Management Group

Meetings of the Space Management Group are currently paused and it is anticipated that it will reconvene in early 2022.

Terms of Reference

The Group will :

  • Have oversight of current space usage across the University, monitoring how efficiently and cost-effectively space is used across the University;
  • Consider and make recommendations to SMT on all significant proposed changes to the use or occupancy of space across the University, having due regard to ensuring effective consultation and communication with regard to all such changes;
  • Ensure current and future space needs are considered and met;
  • Oversee the Space Management Policy, including :
    • Validating the space needs of Schools and Professional Services within the approved system;
    • Providing guidelines on the equitable and efficient distribution of space;
    • To ensure that space allocations serve the best interests of the University.
  • Establish a framework against which space allocation and utilisation is monitored;
  • Provide a network through which information is shared regarding space allocation issues;
  • Establish appropriate space standards and norms by building type, layout, age and function;
  • Inform future Estate developments and forward planning.
Membership and Composition


  • Senior Vice Principal (Chair)
  • University Secretary & Chief Operating Officer
  • AUSA President (or nominee)
  • One representative from each School
  • Director of Digital & Information Services (or nominee)
  • Director of Estates & Facilities (or nominee)
  • Director of People (or nominee)
  • Director of Planning (or nominee)
  • Central Timetabling Manager
  • Space Manager
  • Clerk (in attendance)


  • Karl Leydecker, Senior Vice Principal
  • Tracey Slaven, University Secretary & Chief Operating Officer
  • Alisa Koester, AUSA Student President
  • Martin Cowie, Technical Resources Manager (School of Biological Sciences)
  • David McCausland, Personal Chair (Business School)
  • Kate Smith, School Administrative Officer (School of Divinity, History & Philosophy)
  • David Smith, Head of School (School of Education)
  • Igor Guz, Head of School (School of Engineering)
  • Lorna Philip, Senior Lecturer (School of Geosciences)
  • Chris Collins, Head of School (School of Language, Literature, Music & Visual Culture)
  • Greg Gordon, Head of School (School of Law)
  • Gwen Smith, School Business Manager (School of Medicine, Medical Sciences & Nutrition)
  • Julie Timms, School Administrative Officer (School of Natural & Computing Sciences)
  • Rhona Moore, School Administrative Officer (School of Psychology)
  • Martin Mills, Senior Lecturer (School of Social Science)
  • Brian Henderson, Director of Digital & Information Services
  • Angus Donaldson, Director of Estates & Facilities
  • Debbie Dyker, Director of People
  • Hulda Sveinsdottir, Director of Planning
  • Jennie Pearson, Deputy Academic Registrar (Central Timetabling)
  • Gregg Wilkins, Space Manager
  • Heather Crabb, Executive Assistant & Project Officer (Clerk)
Minutes of Meetings