The School is home to ten separate disciplines, as well as Sustained Studies programmes in Languages, offering an extensive range of courses and a thriving research community.

Using the tabs below you can find out more about each of the School's disciplines, including: information on what you'll be studying, who your lecturers and tutors will be and how to contact them, and the latest news and events within each discipline.

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Celtic & Anglo-Saxon Studies

Celtic & Anglo-Saxon Studies is a new and innovative interdisciplinary programme. At undergraduate level, it is available as a single-honours M.A. or as part of a joint-M.A. degree with another subject, e.g. History, Archaeology, English, Linguistics, Scottish Gaelic or another modern language.


Founded in 1894, the English Department at Aberdeen is a leading centre for the study of literature, language and creative writing. With around twenty staff, a beautiful medieval campus and exceptional library resources dating back over five hundred years, Aberdeen is an excellent place to study English at undergraduate or postgraduate level.  

Ethnology & Folklore

The Elphinstone Institute is a centre for the study of Ethnology, Folklore, and Ethnomusicology at the University of Aberdeen. Established in 1995 in celebration of the quincentenary of the university's founding, the Institute researches and promotes the culture of the North and North-East of Scotland in context.

Film & Visual Culture

The Film & Visual Culture curriculum emphasizes comparative thinking and theoretical reflection, as well as an integrated approach to creative practice. We introduce students to the canon and its counter-parts, traditions of thought and new movements in the discipline. Our aim is to train students to become active participants in their own visual culture, as careful scholars and creative practitioners. Film & Visual Culture students learn to think within the movements of cinema and to pursue questions beyond the film frame. At the undergraduate level, we offer Single and Joint Honours degrees. At the post-graduate level, we offer a Ph.D. in Film & Visual Culture.

French & Francophone Studies

French has long been regarded as one of the centres of excellence in both research and teaching at the University of Aberdeen. We offer undergraduate language courses at all levels from beginners to final year, and a range of option courses covering film, contemporary civilization and culture, Francophone and post-colonial studies, philosophy, history, sociology, autobiography, linguistics, theatre, and most genres and periods of literature from the Middle Ages to the present day. One of the strengths of the undergraduate degree programme is its flexibility, and the possibility it offers of combining French and Francophone studies with almost any other discipline, so you can tailor your degree to suit your own particular needs and interests.

Gaelic Studies

The Department of Gaelic at Aberdeen is host to leading research and teaching in Gaelic literature, society and culture. Benefitting from our situation in the north of Scotland, and within easy reach of the Highlands of Scotland, our Degree programme in Gaelic studies is informed directly by our strengths in Gaelic research.

German Studies

Studying German in Aberdeen will provide you with a very solid grounding in the German language. Amongst our staff are native speakers from German and Austria, who will introduce you to the cultures of the German-speaking world. You will encounter the world of German artistic expression in the form of literature, film and art. And you will gain a deeper understanding of Germany’s complex history.

Language & Linguistics

Language and Linguistics at Aberdeen is the fascinating exploration of human language and how speech evolved to create a bridge between sound and meaning. You will study the ways in which we acquire languages as children and adults, how languages and dialects vary and change over time, and gain the knowledge and skills to give you choice across a wide variety of careers.


Music at Aberdeen is a thriving learning, performing and research community. The Department has 14 members of academic staff with a wide range of research interests spanning composition, musicology and performance; we have over 30 visiting instrumental teachers who bring their practical and teaching expertise and experience to our programmes.The University of Aberdeen is unusual in placing both Music and Music Education in the same department, which has a positive benefit for all staff and students. Our flexible BMus degree programme is one of only a handful of degrees in Music which incorporate a teaching qualification.

Spanish & Latin American Studies

Hispanic Studies at Aberdeen is one of the most interdisciplinary programmes available in the UK. We seek to equip our students with the skills to speak and communicate in a global language, spoken by 350 million native Spanish speakers in nineteen Latin American states, the Spanish Peninsula, and increasingly in the United States.  Additionally, our students gain skills enabling them to study critically historical, anthropological, literary and cultural texts, films and visual culture and to communicate their own ideas and arguments through oral and written presentation.

Sustained Studies - Languages

Our Sustained Study language courses are designed to provide you with an intensive course in one of the following languages throughout the first two years of your degree programme:

  • Arabic (beginner)
  • French (beginner and advanced)
  • Gaelic (beginner and advanced)
  • German (beginner and advanced)
  • Mandarin (beginner)
  • Spanish (beginner and advanced)
  • Swedish (beginner)

Sustained Study runs alongside your main degree programme and involves a total of four modules, one in each half-session for your first two years. Students must pass all four courses in order to qualify for Sustained Study.