Postgraduate Hub

Postgraduate Hub

Postgraduate Hub

The postgraduate community within the School of Language, Literature, Music and Visual Culture covers a broad range of subjects, and provides ample opportunity for students to engage in interdisciplinary study with their peers. On the following pages you can find a list of all of our current PGR students, alongside some information on their current research, and further details on the support structures and staff that help make studying within the school a positive experience.

If you are considering studying with us but are yet to apply, then more information on the programmes that are availbale within the school and how to apply for them can be found on our Degree Programmes page.

Postgraduate Student Representatives

One of the primary contacts for all postgraduate students is their postgraduate student representative. Our postgraduate students reps are here to listen to current students, represent students at school meetings, help support the postgraduate comunity thorugh stewardship of the postgraduate forum and liase with key members of staff to help address any concerns if they are raised.

If you are a postgraduate student and have anything that you'd like discussed, please contact one of the representatives below.

Maxwell Donaldson

Hi, folks! I’m Maxwell, one of the LLMVC PG co-reps. I am Scottish-Italian-Belgian, though I speak little Italian, and grew up in Luxembourg – I’m European. After finishing an undergraduate degree here at the University of Aberdeen I decided to stay and pursue a PhD in English. I am exploring the impact of The New Yorker magazine’s fiction editing in post-WWII American fiction. I spend most of my free time overcommitting myself to various roles around the university, or otherwise swimming with AUSWPC.

As a PG co-rep, it is my shared responsibility to represent your views and voice your concerns to various university bodies, such as the LLMVC PG Committee or the Postgraduate Research School. Another key responsibility that I share with my fellow co-rep, Clarisa, is overseeing and organising the LLMVC PG Forum. Beyond this, if you have any concerns, questions, or if you just fancy a chat, please don’t hesitate to email me (see below).