Phases 1-3
Are you confident that you can manage and prioritise your workload effectively?

  • If no, what courses or activities could you undertake to help you gain this experience and/or expertise in this area?
  • Do you know where you can get support at your school/institution if you need assistance with this?

Have you discussed annual leave with your supervisor(s)? Are you aware of any annual leave guidance for postgraduate research students in your school?  

Can you reflect on how you can stay resilient during more challenging periods of your PhD? 

Are you aware of the support services and wellbeing activities available to you at your home University?

  • If no, do you know who you can discuss your wellbeing with?
  • Explore the wellbeing information on the PGR School Website. 

Do you know who to speak to at your school/institution if personal circumstances are disrupting your studies?  

Explore available workshops