Phases 1-3

In the initial phase of your PhD did you undertake an extensive review of available literature? 

  • Are you confident in your abilities to find and interpret information relevant to your field?

Have you identified the methodologies you will require to conduct your research? Have you discussed this with your supervisor(s)? 

  • If no, how do you plan to decide this?

Do you have the necessary skills to synthesise and analyse your research data?

  • If no, what courses or activities could you undertake to help you gain these skills?

Have you discussed any technical skills or subject knowledge gaps training needs with your supervisor(s)? 

  • Have you thought about when you might need to undertake this extra training in order for it to benefit your PhD?

What discipline specific skills/knowledge do you require in order to help you frame your research question and methods? 

  • are there Masters courses you need or wish to undertake? 
  • are there specific methodologies courses you need/wish to take?

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