Have you discussed your skills development requirements during your six-monthly review(s)?

  • If yes, have you identified any gaps in your skills? What areas will you focus on in the next six-months? What courses or activities could you undertake to help you develop in this area?

Phase 2- 3
Have you discussed your career aspirations with your supervisor or peers (if relevant)? 

  • If yes, do you have a clear plan for how you can progress towards that goal?
  • If no, is there information that would be useful about different career paths that could be useful? How could you find out this information?

Have you met with the Carer Service and/or the Researcher Development Team to explore the requirements for your next career move and reflect against your skill set?
Do you have an academic CV and a skills based CV?

If you are considering an academic career, do you have evidence of the skills you have e.g. academic writing, publications, talks, posters, successful funding applications (small travel grants, public engagement funding etc.)

Are you confident in being interviewed? Have you had a mock interview?

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