Networking, Presentation and Engagement

Networking, Presentation and Engagement

Phase 1-2
How you would assess your verbal communications skills both in academic circles and to wider audiences?  Could you improve your skills and /or confidence?

  • If yes, how can you go about doing this? Are there any activities or courses you would find useful?

Have you had the opportunity to present your research to an academic audience? 

  • If yes, can you reflect on your ability to communicate complex and specialist matters clearly and concisely? Did you receive any feedback on this?
  • If no, can you identify potential opportunities? Are there different audiences you could engage with e.g. stakeholders, end-users or public audiences?

Phase 2-3
How are you establishing and maintaining your professional networks?

  • How confident do you feel when networking?
  • What courses or activities could you undertake to help you build confidence?

Have you and your supervisor(s) discussed potential conferences you could attend and opportunities to present your research to academic colleagues? 

Have you undertaken any public engagement activities?

  • If yes, reflect on the skills you have developed, e.g. your ability to summarise and interpret complex and specialist matters to suit different audiences with varying levels of expertise. What you can do to take your experience to the next level? 
  • If no, what courses or activities could you undertake to help you gain this experience and/or expertise in this area? Explore opportunities provided through the Public Engagement with Research Unit. 

How confident do you feel talking about your research to reach audiences outside of your academic setting on social media or other media outlets? 
What could you do to build your confidence and skills in this area?
Have you contributed to the University of Aberdeen blog? 

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