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Senior Lecturers


Research Fellows


Associated Staff

  • Friedrich G K Baucke, Dr. - Rer.Nat., Dip.Chem., D.Sc. (Aberdeen), Honorary Visiting Research Fellow
  • John N Low - BSc PhD, 01382 344562, Honorary Research Fellow
  • David Read - BSc PhD (ENTERPRIS Ltd.), Honorary Professor
  • G. Gordon Cameron - BSc, PhD (Glas), DSc (Aberd), FRSE, (Emeritus Prof, former HoD)
  • Alexander R. Forrester - BSc, PhD, DSc, CChem, FRSC, FRSE, (Emeritus Prof, former HoD, Dean & VP)
  • R. Alan Howie - BSc, MSc (Glas), PhD (Aberd) (Retired Senior Research Officer)
  • Malcolm D. Ingram - BSc, PhD (Liv), DSc (Aberd), CChem, FRSC (Emeritus Prof, former HoD)
  • Eric E. Lachowski - BSc, PhD (Aberd) (Retired Research Officer)
  • Iain L. Marr - BSc, MSc, PhD (Aberd), CChem FRSC (Retired Senior Lecturer)
  • Mary R. Masson - BSc, PhD (Aberd), CChem FRSC (Retired Senior Teaching Fellow )
  • Geoffrey P. McQuillan - BSc, PhD (Lond) (Retired Senior Lecturer and former Head of Department)
  • James L. Wardell - BSc, PhD (Lond), DSc (Aberd), CChem FRSC, (Retired Reader, now resident in Brazil)