Ranked first in Scotland for research impact REF2014

The Department of Chemistry at the University of Aberdeen is an outward looking and vibrant department with strong international collaborative links and prestige.

We engage and work with multiple partners (academic and industry) to enhance the impact of our research and have been highly successful in obtaining funding from a range of sources.

Logo of research groups in Chemistry and interactions between them

There are four main themes to our research:

Advanced Materials

The Advanced Materials theme brings expertise in materials synthesis, characterization and modelling to tackle important challenges in liquid crystals, electrical and magnetic materials and biomaterials.

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Research is focussed on the synthesis and investigation of sustainable materials for photocatalysis, heterogeneous catalysis, energy conversion and storage.

this picture shows motion of oxide ions and protons in dual ionic conductor Ba7Nb4MoO20

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Pioneering work includes the development of elemental speciation and elemental bioimaging methodologies for solving pertinent problems in environmental and biosciences.

schematic represeantation of the influence of mercury and arsenic contamination on the oil and gas industry

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Research includes the discovery, analysis, metabolic profiling and synthesis of molecules of biological and medical significance. The strategy has been to strengthen the link between discovery, synthesis and biosynthesis in order to create chemical diversity with potent and selective biological and pharmacological activity.

We also have research programme in computational chemistry investigating the interactions of antimatter with atoms and molecules. Such studies have relevance for medical PET scanning (Positron Emission Tomography) and antiproton-beam cancer therapy.

molecular models of different enzymes and enzyme complexes

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