Dr Mark Law

Dr Mark Law
Dr Mark Law
Dr Mark Law

BSc, PhD (Aberdeen)

Senior Lecturer

Accepting PhDs

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+44 (0)1224 272933
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Meston Room G24

School of Natural and Computing Sciences

Research Overview

The expertise of Mark Law’s research group lies in the area of “molecular quantum dynamics”. That is, calculating quantum state energies, wavefunctions and potential energy curves. Such information on vibration-rotation-electronic quantum states of molecules is critical to the understanding of many branches of chemistry and other fields, including spectroscopy, astronomy, nanotechnology, combustion science, atmospheric science, surface chemistry and molecular modelling.

Our work also includes quantum scattering and bound-state calculations on antimatter interacting with normal matter. There is considerable academic and practical interest in the interaction of antimatter with atoms and molecules. For example, antimatter is used in medical PET scanning ("Positron Emission Tomography") and in positron-annihilation-lifetime spectroscopy (PALS) for materials characterisation, whilst one possible future use for antiprotons is in "antiproton-beam cancer therapy".

Research Areas

Accepting PhDs

I am currently accepting PhDs in Chemistry.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss your research ideas further.

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Accepting PhDs

Teaching Responsibilities

Dr Law teaches in the following courses: 

  • CM1021 Chemistry for the Physical Sciences 1
  • CM1022 Elements of Chemistry 1
  • CM2015 Energetics of Change in Chemical and Biological Processes
  • CM30PS/PX30PS Professional Skills for Physics and Chemistry
  • CM3536 Molecular Structure and Reactivity (Quantum Chemistry)
  • CM4037/CM4537 Honours/Advanced Chemistry

Dr Law is a Personal Tutor and Level 4 Chemistry Course Coordinator.



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