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  • A cross-sectional study examining the association between MRCS performance and surgeons receiving sanctions against their medical registration

    Ellis, R., Cleland, J., Scrimgeour, D., Lee, A., Brennan, P.

    The Surgeon

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  • 191 Performance at Medical School and Foundation Programme Selection Can Predict Success in The MRCS Examination

    Ellis, R., Scrimgeour, D., Brennan, P., Lee, A., Cleland, J.

    British Journal of Surgery, vol. 108, no. Supplement_2, znab135.006

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  • 220 Choice of UK Medical School Predicts Success in The Intercollegiate Membership of The Royal College of Surgeons (MRCS) Examination

    Ellis, R., Scrimgeour, D., Cleland, J., Lee, A., Brennan, P.

    British Journal of Surgery, vol. 108, no. Supplement_2, znab134.538

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  • Evaluating Progestogens for Preventing Preterm birth International Collaborative (EPPPIC): meta-analysis of individual participant data from randomised controlled trials

    Stewart, L. A., Simmonds, M., Duley, L., Llewellyn, A., Sharif, S., Walker, R. A., Beresford, L., Wright, K., Aboulghar, M. M., Alfirevic, Z., Azargoon, A., Bagga, R., Bahrami, E., Blackwell, S. C., Caritis, S. N., Combs, C. A., Croswell, J. M., Crowther, C. A., Das, A. F., Dickersin, K., Dietz, K. C., Elimian, A., Grobman, W. A., Hodkinson, A., Maurel, K. A., McKenna, D. S., Mol, B. W., Moley, K., Mueller, J., Nassar, A., Norman, J. E., Norrie, J., O'Brien, J. M., Porcher, R., Rajaram, S., Rode, L., Rouse, D. J., Sakala, C., Schuit, E., Senat, M., Simpson, J. L., Smith, K., Tabor, A., Thom, E. A., van Os, M. A., Whitlock, E. P., Wood, S., Walley, T., The EPPPIC Group

    The Lancet, vol. 397, no. 10280, pp. 1183-1194

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  • What is being done to look after doctors during covid-19 and beyond?

    Johnston, P., Gibson Smith, K., Walker, K., Gordon, L., Scanlan, G., Aitken, G., Pope, L., Cairns, P., Cecil, J., Cunningham, K. B., Laidlaw, A., Tooman, T., Ferguson, J., Johnston, P. W., Wakeling, J., SMERC Scottish Doctors’ Wellbeing Study

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  • What is being done to look after doctors' wellbeing during Covid-19 and beyond

    Johnston, P., Walker, K.

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  • Autistic traits predict underestimation of emotional abilities

    Huggins, C. F., Cameron, I. M., Williams, J. H.

    Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, vol. 150, no. 5, pp. 930-942

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