10 cute random acts of kindness to do today!

Random Act of Kindness Day

10 cute random acts of kindness to do today!

Not just Ellen DeGeneres is telling us “Be kind to one another” – on the Random Act of Kindness Day, February 17th, we can all be a little bit kinder to one another because honestly, we need more kindness in the world right now. Here are ten Random Acts of Kindness, that you can do today (or any other day really!).

Give a gift

We should of course all be practising social distancing, but why not drop off a small gift at your neighbour’s door? If you already know them or not, maybe pick a chocolate bar, something self-backed or even a spare lunch and drop it off with a little note, I am sure that will make their day!

Stay home

Honestly, staying home is the kindest act you can give the NHS right now. The less people are getting sick, the better for all the health care workers right now. Let’s stick together!

Donate Something

Have you got some old clothes, that are in good shape, but you don’t like them anymore? Why not donate them to a charity shop or homeless shelter. If you can afford it, maybe think about donating some money for people who are not as fortunate as you are today, e.g. on the UNICEF website.

Send a postcard

Staying connected during this uncertain time is hard and even with technology, it is just not the same. So why not send a postcard to a dear friend? You can either write it yourself or use a website to let it be printed and send without you leaving your home!

Compliment someone

Whether you make a compliment to your cashier, neighbour or virtually to a friend, just say something nice to others and let’s lift each other up.

Pick up some litter

It might not be your trash but it’s our planet and a collective effort to pick up a little bit of litter consistently will make a huge difference.

Be kind to yourself too - take some time off for self-care

Spend a little time being kind to yourself, you deserve it as much as anyone else. Remember, self-care is self-love!

If you can, tip the food delivery next time

Showing a little bit of appreciation to our essential workers is more important than ever. Not everyone has the means to but if you can, I would highly suggest doing it!

Offer your help to someone who might need it

This can be simple tasks like taking their dog out for a walk or offer to get groceries for them! It might not seem like much, but it can mean the world to someone who needs it.

Ask how your friends are doing

Take some time to check in with your friends and try to find out how they’re doing. At this time, it’s more important than ever to talk to one another and to care for our mental health.

Let’s try to show some extra kindness, not only today but every day moving forward. You never know what it might mean to someone else. We’re all currently living through extra difficult times and we could all need a little bit more kindness and positivity out there.

Published by Students, University of Aberdeen


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