Evidence for Enhancement: Improving the Student Experience
10th Annual Academic Development Symposium, Thursday 26 April 2018

The theme for this year’s Annual Academic Development Symposium aligned with the new QAA Scotland Enhancement Theme, Evidence for Enhancement: Improving the Student Experience,  launched in June 2017 and running until June 2020. The Theme considered what information is useful to help us identify and understand what we do well and what could be improved. This information, which includes qualitative and quantitative evidence, can be used to identify the issues that would benefit from intervention, help prioritise interventions for improving the student experience and evaluate the effectiveness of those interventions, including reporting on the ways in which the student experience has been improved. The Annual Academic Symposium provided an opportunity for staff across the University to engage with and discuss the new Theme.

The Symposium took place on the afternoon of 26th April, beginning with the keynote speech by Professor Sue Rigby, Vice Chancellor of Bath Spa University, an exploration of the question “Can Data enhance the Student Experience?”

The keynote was followed by parallel ‘swap shops’ to share practice including:

  1.     Dynamic Feedback
  2.     Digitally enhanced Learning: experiences and preferences of students and staff
  3.     Survey Insights
  4.     An Induction and Feedback Process for Enhancement
  5.     Enhancing the Student Experience: Using the Evidence in PIR
  6.     HEA Compendium
  7.     Getting the best from SCEF

The event concluded with a debate entitled "This house believes that students have an equal role to play in co-creating their own curriculum " chaired by Harry Chalklin, President of University of Aberdeen Debating Society, with Liam Fuller speaking for the motion, and with Dr John Lamb speaking against the motion.


Download a copy of the programme here.

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