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A meeting of the University Committee on Teaching and Learning will be held on Wednesday 8 November 2017 at 2.00 pm in the Committee Room 2, University Office.

Miss Emma Hay, Administrative Officer

(extn. 3610; e-mail





1.  Approval of the minutes of the meeting held on 13 September 2017  (UCTL/081117/001)


2.  Health & Safety  (Oral Update)


3.  Student Experience Paper  (UCTL/081117/002)


Members of the Committee are asked to discuss this paper noting, however, that it remains in draft form.


4.  Learning Analytics Policy  (UCTL/081117/003)


5.  Enhancement-Led Institutional Review (ELIR)  (Oral Update)

Members of the Committee will be provided with an update on preparations for ELIR and asked to discuss the new Enhancement Theme (Evidence-based Enhancement), particularly in regards to (i) the definition of ‘evidence’ and (ii) how the University might use the Enhancement Theme to develop the sharing of Good Practice across the Instituition.

6.  The Revised UK Quality Code for Higher Education                    

The UK Standing Committee for Quality Assessment is consulting on a new approach to the Expectations of the Quality Code.  The current UK Quality Code for Higher Education was developed in 2012 and sets the quality and standards for UK higher education provision at home and overseas.  The Code‘s 19 Expectations are used to manage the quality of the academic experience provided to students and to ensure that all UK awards are consistent with the nationally agreed standards.  The current consultation ‘proposes a holistic approach to [the Code’s] reshaping and restructure’.  In so doing the intention is to produce a Code which allows for greater flexibility for the diverse sector within the different national contexts within the UK.  Full details of the consultation are available at

The Committee is asked to consider and comment on the proposed Expectations and associated core practices set out on page 5 of the document in the context of the questions posed on page 6 in order to inform the Institutional response.

8.  Update on the Enhanced Transcript  (UCTL/081117/004)

9.  Strategic Plan 2015-2020: Recognising Overseas and Alternative Professional Teaching Qualifications   (UCTL/081117/005)

10.  Dates of Next Meeting

The next meeting of the Committee will be held on Wednesday 24 January 2018 at 2pm, in Committee Room 2, University Office.


11.  Items for Routine Approval – see below


12.  Items for Information– see below


Any member of the Committee wishing an item for routine approval or for information to be brought forward for discussion may ask at the meeting for that to be done.  Any such item will be taken after item 1.

Declaration of interests: Any member and individual in attendance (including Officers) who has a clear interest in a matter on the agenda should declare that interest at the relevant meeting, whether or not that interest is already recorded in the Registry of Member’s interests.




11.1  Appeals and Complaints Forms  (UCTL/081117/006)

Members of the Committee are asked to approve the revised Parts A, B and C of the Appeals and Complaints Form. Members of the Committee are also asked to approval the removal of Part D (the recording of the outcome of a panel hearing) and note its replacement with a letter tailored to each individual case received.

11.2  Regulatory Changes  (UCTL/081117/007)

Members of the Committee are asked to approve changes to the Degree Regulations governing the Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) and Bachelor of Medicine (MBChB). The changes proposed include (i) the approval of the BDS by the General Dental Council (GDC) and (ii) changes to the Fitness to Practise guidance as issued by the General Medical Council.

11.3  Online Learning Certificate  (UCTL/081117/008)

Members of the Committee are asked to approve the draft certificate for students completeing online learning where this does not lead to the award of a diploma or degree.


11.4  Readmission to Study Policy  (UCTL/081117/009)

Members of the Committee are asked to approve changes to the Readmission to Study Policy.



12.1  Focus On Institution Led Review: Institutional Information Publication   (UCTL/081117/010)

The Committee are asked to note the attached document, compiled by the Quality Assuarance Agency (QAA) in collaboration with the University, detailing the University’s Institution Led Review (ILR) processes. This document has been approved by the Conveners of the UCTL and the QAC by way of circulation for publication.

12.2  Sector Updates

The Committee are asked to note and disseminate as appropriate, the following recent sector updates:

(i)  Contracting to Cheat in Higher Education: How to Address Contract Cheating, the Use of Third-Party Services and Essay Mills.

This guidance, published by the Quality Assurance Agency, sets out best practice around promoting academic integrity in higher education, through tackling students' use of third-party services in order to cheat. It covers the use of essay mills and other forms of contract cheating, and sets out the steps providers can take to deal with these. 


12.3  QAA Enhancement Theme: Student Transitions 2014 – 2017, End Of Theme Report  (UCTL/081117/011)



University Committee on Teaching and Learning

Attendance Records






Vice Principal (Teaching and Learning)

Professor Peter McGeorge





University Court Representative

Mr Colin Duncan





On behalf of the Student President of the Students’ Association

Mr O Kucerak





Education Officer of the Students’ Association

Mrs Donna Connolly





Deans for Undergraduate Studies

Professor Hazel Hutchison





Professor Alison Jenkinson





Deans for Postgraduate Studies

Professor Chris Kee





Professor Judith Masthoff





Professor Ekaterina Pavlovskaia





Dean for Quality Assurance & Enhancement

Professor Kath Shennan

Represented by Professor Michelle Pinard




Dean for Transnational Education

Professor Richard Wells





Conveners of UCTL Task Groups

Dr Tim Baker





Dr Bruce Scharlau





Dr Steve Tucker





In Attendance:

On behalf of the Director of Academic Affairs, the Acting Academic Registrar

Dr Rachael Bernard





Head of the Centre for Academic Development

Ms Patricia Spence





Head of the Careers Service

Mr Peter Fantom





On behalf of the Director of IT Services, the Head of Relationship Management

Mr Dean Phillips

Represented by Mrs Nathalie Kinchin-Williams





To be responsible to the Senatus Academicus for the strategic oversight of teaching and learning matters and the wider academic student experience, both undergraduate and postgraduate and for the development of policies and practices for the assurance of the quality of the University’s educational provision, particularly in relation to the design, implementation, evaluation and review of mechanisms for the quality assurance and quality enhancement of teaching and learning, and for the safeguarding of academic standards.

Main Responsibilities

The UCTL shall:

  • be responsible for the oversight, development and monitoring of the University’s strategic approach to learning and teaching, its associated Learning and Teaching Operational Plan and Risk Register and the alignment of these with School and other Operational plans
  • be responsible for the development and implementation of policy relating to learning and teaching in undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in the University, and where this relates solely to either undergraduate or postgraduate provision may refer the matter to the relevant sub-committee for detailed consideration
  • be responsible for the ongoing enhancement of the quality of teaching and learning and for ensuring the effective dissemination of good practice
  • consider recommendations from the Quality Assurance Committee on mechanisms for the assurance of quality and standards and, as appropriate, make recommendations to the Senate
  • develop, review and promote professional staff development opportunities in regard to learning, teaching, assessment and feedback
  • develop and promote the work of the Centre for Academic Development
  • review and monitor the quality of provision of careers education, employability and the co-curriculum
  • be responsible for the oversight of teaching-related credit-bearing activity related to student mobility
  • be responsible for the oversight and quality assurance of online learning, transnational education (TNE) and collaborative agreements relating to teaching and learning.
  • consider and provide advice to the Student Experience Committee on aspects of the student experience which fall within both non-academic and academic areas
  • act on behalf of the Senate, after consultation with Heads of School to:

- Approve Dates of Terms

- Approve changes to the Regulations for Certificates and Diplomas, and to Regulations for Degrees in advance of their incorporation into a formal draft Resolution

- Approve deadline for the refusal of class certificates

- Approve deadlines for the return of examination results

- Approve arrangements for Graduation Ceremonies

- Approve changes to minimum entry requirements


Composition & Membership


  • Convener: Vice-Principal (Learning and Teaching)
  • One representative nominated by the University Court
  • Student President of the Students’ Association (or nominee) and the Education Officer
  • Deans for Undergraduate Studies
  • Deans for Postgraduate Studies
  • Dean for Quality Assurance & Enhancement
  • Dean for Transnational Education
  • Conveners of UCTL Task Groups

In attendance

  • Director of Academic Affairs (or nominee)
  • Head of the Centre for Academic Development
  • Head of the Careers Service
  • Director of IT Services (or nominee)

Membership for 2017/18

  • Professor Peter McGeorge
  • Mr Colin Duncan
  • Mr Lawson Ogubie
  • Ms Donna Connelly
  • Professor Alison Jenkinson
  • Professor Hazel Hutchison
  • Professor Christopher Kee
  • Professor Ekaterina Pavlovskaia
  • Professor Judith Masthoff
  • Professor Kath Shennan
  • Dr Steve Tucker
  • Dr Tim Baker
  • Dr Bruce Scharlau

In Attendance

  • Dr Rachael Bernard
  • Ms Patricia Spence
  • Mr Peter Fantom
  • Miss J Fernandes
  • Clerk: Miss Emma Hay (Registry)


The Committee will meet three times per year.


Meeting Dates

2017 - 2018
  • 28 March 2018
  • 24 January 2018
  • 8 November 2017
  • 13 September 2017
2010 - 2017








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