Study Opportunities

Study Opportunities

The Centre offers a variety of study opportunities, from undergraduate courses to postgraduate research programmes. The tabs below provide more information about what is available.


The Centre offers a number of courses which are available across undergraduate programmes for those interested in specialist work in Celtic & Anglo-Saxon Studies. Please see our catalogue of courses for more information.

PhD Research

The Centre supervises PhD projects in any area of research related to the Centre’s activities, including:

  • The history and literature of Britain and Ireland in the Middle Ages and the analysis of sources for that history
  • Celtic languages and literature
  • Mediaeval Celtic literature
  • Cultural history of Ireland
  • Cultural history of Anglo-Saxon England

If you are interested in applying for a postgraduate research programme, please contact the School Office at for further information.

Profiles for postgraduate research students working on projects within Celtic & Anglo-Saxon Studies may be found here.

Further Information

For more information about the programmes on offer, please visit the Online Prospectus.

You can also contact the centre staff below if you have any questions:

Dr Aideen M. O'Leary
School of Language, Literature, Music & Visual Culture
King’s College, Old Aberdeen
AB24 3UB