Centre for Celtic & Anglo-Saxon Studies

Centre for Celtic & Anglo-Saxon Studies

Centre for Celtic & Anglo-Saxon Studies

School of Language and Literature, University of Aberdeen, King's College

Aberdeen AB24 3UB, Scotland, U.K.

 Co-directors: Professor David N. Dumville and Dr Aideen M. O’Leary

Image: St John from the ‘Book of Deer’, a Gospel book with connections to the North-East of Scotland, generally dated to the tenth century: Cambridge, University Library, MS. Ii.6.32, fo, 41v. Copyright: Cambridge University Library

Purpose and Aims

The Centre for Celtic Studies, based in the School of Language and Literature at the University of Aberdeen, brings together scholars and postgraduates whose interests lie in the literatures, languages, history and culture of Celtic-speaking lands.  The Centre’s principal activities include:

  • Publication of research on Celtic, Anglo-Saxon, and Scandinavian Studies and related themes
  • Organisation of public lectures and seminars
  • Development of national and international research links with colleagues in Celtic Studies and in related disciplines, and with mediaeval and modern interests
  • Public engagement with research

The Centre for Celtic Studies publishes high-quality research in its journals and monograph series.

  • The Celtic, Anglo-Saxon & Scandinavian Series of monographs explores interdisciplinary themes.

The Centre publishes the following three journals:

  • Journal of Celtic Studies
  • Anglo-Saxon
  • Mediaeval Scandinavia

These journals are published in collaboration with the Centre for Anglo-Saxon Studies at the University of Aberdeen.

Further information on the Centre’s publications may be obtained from Professor David N. Dumville at d.n.dumville@abdn.ac.uk.


The Centre is based in Taylor C Block, the same building which houses the Celtic & Anglo-Saxon offices. The Centre has:

  • Offices for the Centre staff
  • Office space for the Centre’s postgraduate research students
  • A growing specialist library in Celtic & Anglo-Saxon Studies