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Clarisa Novello

Thesis Topic: Ecocriticism in 21st Century German Literature.

Superviso(s: Dr Tara Beaney, Dr David Wheatley

Educational background (BA, MA, etc.): BA in Linguistic and Cultural Mediation (UNICAL, Italy) and an MA in Modern Languages and Literature (UNICAL, Italy).

What are your research interests/what are you currently working on? Climate change fiction. I am currently focusing on the novel Tipping Point by W. Mittelstaedt

What do you do outside of academia (hobbies, personal interests, etc.)? Walking, especially on the the beach

Why did you choose to study in Aberdeen? Because of the project ‘20th and 21st Century German Literature and the Environment’ presented by the German Department.

What is your favourite part of studying and living in Aberdeen? Living in Aberdeen gives me the opportunity to be part of the Postgraduate Community present in the School of Language, Literature, Music and Visual Culture.

How do you think your experience in Aberdeen will prepare you for the future? It offers the possibility of meeting other international postgraduate students and possibly create a network which will be helpful for my future career