Ethnology & Folklore

Ethnology & Folklore

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Mary Cane

Thesis Topic: The faraway grandmother experience today.

Supervisor: Dr. Tom MacKean

Educational Background: MLitt. Aberdeen 2014; M.F.A. 2007 R.G.U; B.A. Fine Art 1997; Diploma of Occupational Therapy 1973.

What are your research interests/what are you currently working on? I am conducting an ethnological investigation within my generation of women, who are now grandmothers.  I am looking in particular at strategies they are developing to connect with grandchildren who live a long way away.

Why did you choose to study in Aberdeen? Aberdeen has been my home for 35 years and supports me in every aspect of my life.

What is your favourite part of studying and living in Aberdeen? I can live comfortably at home while studying, at the age of 68.

How do you think your experience in Aberdeen will prepare you for the future? The breadth of contacts I will have built up in the time of study will always be helpful.