Taught Postgraduate

Taught Postgraduate

MSc Artificial Intelligence

Programme Director: Dr Dewei Yi

The MSc in Artificial Intelligence (AI) provides students with in-depth knowledge of recent advances in AI such as data and text mining, knowledge representation and reasoning, machine learning, natural language generation, information visualisation and communication, and distributed AI systems. The programme is centred on practical “hands-on” learning, exploring underpinning theories in combination with the use of techniques, tools, software and methodologies with the opportunities, where possible, to work with international experts and companies at the cutting edge of the field. [More Information]

MSc Cybersecurity

Programme Director: Dr Wanpeng Li

The MSc in Cybersecurity is designed for students with a computer science background as well as IT professionals who want to prepare for a successful career in cybersecurity and data privacy. You will benefit from a dedicated cyber security lab with modern computer facilities and the latest online tools to support your learning and research. The curriculum is based on practical 'real-world' security threats and the knowledge you gain on this programme will also prepare you for attaining additional international cybersecurity certifications. [More Information]

MSc Information Technology

Programme Director: Dr Bruce Scharlau

The MSc in Information Technology is mainly aimed at graduates who have obtained their first degree in an area other than Computer Science. It provides a route for applicants wishing to change their career path, or those who wish to develop Information Technology skills in order to "add value" in their existing area of employment. The programme allows students to develop skills in web and other software development and related issues for various tech and IT careers. [More Information]

MSc Data Science

Programme Director: Prof Marco Thiel

The MSc in Data Science enables graduates of various disciplines to take advantage of the growing career opportunities in this field, by teaching the essential Computational Thinking (CT) and data analysis skills needed by employers today. Unlike many other data science programmes, this MSc goes beyond statistics and big data, to use a Computational Thinking (CT) approach to data science, one that applies logical thinking, sequencing and algorithms to create solutions to problems across many disciplines and industries. [More Information] 

An MSc IT summer project

Each summer the MSc IT students are formed into teams to work with live clients to work on a real project. The clients vary from non-computing university staff, small business people who need sites done, or people who need some software for supporting some tasks. Each of these is done following an agile approach with weekly sprints following industry practices as  much as possible.

Our Graduate Success

Udon Okoh, MSc Information Technology, University of Aberdeen

Udon Okoh had been supported by Enterprise Campus and was an occupant of ABVenture Zone until January. Udon returned to Nigeria to work with his co-founder and run a trial with customers. Udon’s team has won the Ideas for Action Competition organized by the World Bank and Wharton Business School. They won first place out of 490 participating teams from 125 different countries.

See http://www.ideas4action.org/competition-2016-2/

What our graduates say about us

Noah Altunian, MSc Information Technology, University of Aberdeen

"I chose the University of Aberdeen for Computing because the research done here is considered relevant and reliable; I knew that the teachers and the courses would be of a quality standard, and that I’d learn from reliable, knowledgeable sources.

I enjoyed the community feel of the University; I walk to and from classes, and I always run into friends. The campus is small, and welcomes a friendly feeling. Plus, the University is very old, and it implores you to be in awe of the buildings, both outside and within. 

Regarding my degree, I enjoyed the communal feel of studying with all of the other Computing Science students, both within my course and year, and from outside. Also, the teachers and the courses are all welcoming; the teachers are welcoming to questions, and encourage them, and the courses are welcoming to your curiosity. You really get all that you put into it; the more you put in, the more things you really do get out of it.

Aberdeen has enabled me to realise that my career goals are truly achievable. The course has taught me so much, and has given me a rounded set of skills that I can advertise myself with pride. I’ve ultimately come to realise that everything can be achieved, it just depends on your determination."