What Did Students Say About Us?

What Did Students Say About Us?
BSc Students

Klara Krämer

  • MSci Computing Science (with Industrial Placement)

"The MSci Computing Science with Industrial Placement degree perfectly integrates phases of studying different aspects of computing science at university and practical work experience in a corporate environment. I have found that the courses taught at university in combination with the valuable experience gained in industry make for a well-rounded programme that has prepared me for my future career in a way that makes me confident of my success in the computing industry.

The opportunity to undertake a year-long internship at any company in any computing-related industry of my choice has proven to be an invaluable component of my university experience. I chose to complete the placement as a data analyst at a technology and logistics consulting firm, which was a dynamic experience that enabled me to get involved in a range of different activities. These include the development of internal applications, the analysis of client data, meticulous data cleaning and preparation, and report crafting. 

The engaging activities I was allowed to take part in not only deepened my industry knowledge, but also gave me a skillset covering more than just technical know-how. Undertaking this placement has additionally enabled me to get a feeling for the job market that awaits me once I graduate from university, helping me develop a sense of clarity and  direction regarding my career aspirations. 

This is why I can definitely recommend doing placements during university degrees, as in my opinion this is the best way to orientate oneself towards future career opportunities. 

Aron Molnar

  • BSc Computing Science

In mechanical or electrical engineering, you can create living, breathing systems of many parts that produce industrial (or research) value. I chose CS over these two because of its compactness: you build systems on the same scale, but due to some magic, you can fit all that into your pockets. Also, CS allows you to build systems with nearhuman intelligence (at the time of writing this), which is pretty cool. 

We had a two-semester course, which was essentially a tech startup simulator. We were in teams, and we had to come up with an idea, implement it, market research it, and the at the end of the year, present it at a competition. I loved the process, especially the adrenaline rush during the final presentation.

In another one of my favourite courses, we had to come up with a research question, and then answer it, testing it from all possible angles. The whole course was a simulation of the entire academic research process. I loved the idea of my chosen project, where I investigated a unique phenomenon present in the hyperlinked web of Wikipedia, and then utilised it to create a novel metric for specific AI systems." 

Athinoulla Konstantinou

  • BSc Computing Science

"This programme played a pivotal role in shaping my career path, offering insights into the reality of research work. It ignited and affirmed my passion for research in Computing Science, and inspired a deeper exploration of machine learning applications in areas like autonomous vehicles, facilitated through the Introduction to Machine Learning and Data Mining, Research Methods and Single Honours project courses. Furthermore, the department’s staff were consistently doing their utmost to ensure that students received the highest quality of knowledge.

My involvement in this programme enabled me to engage in several internships, demonstrating the diverse and significant prospects it provides. Specifically, it paved the way for my participation in two research internships at different Research and Innovation centres, as well as securing an internship at a big-four tech company (Deloitte). On top of these, the University of Aberdeen equipped me with all the necessary resources to further advance my academic journey by pursuing a PhD.

Regarding my latest internship, I was one of the seven distinguished students who was awarded a research internship at the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program in 2023 at KIOS Research and Innovation Centre, a collaboration between the University of Cyprus and Imperial College London. My research focus was the robustification of sensor-sharing systems of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles through spatial-temporal autoencoders. This program provided me with a strong foundation in Artificial Intelligence to successfully complete this research internship.

I would strongly encourage any student who is interested in Computing Science to pursue this program. I am confident that any student would not only considerably benefit from taking part in this programme but also be well-positioned to thrive, not solely from an academic standpoint but also in terms of career advancement opportunities in both research and industry. I am convinced that any student would derive substantial benefit from participating in this programme, given its plethora of opportunities for career development."

MSc Students

Gustavo Kolugnyecz

Head of IT Infrastructure and Services at ANCAP, Uruguay

  • MSc Oil and Gas Computing, University of Aberdeen
Gustavo Kolugnyecz, University of Aberdeen
"My aim was to find the best possible institution where I could study and develop new expertise from professionals and companies of the UK oil industry. After a deep research I found out that Aberdeen was the European oil and gas centre and therefore I decided that the University of Aberdeen, with its significant history and background, was certainly the best option for me.

I am happy and proud of myself for all the things I have learnt and for the magnificent experience I have had here. Not only because the University has entirely filled my expectations but also because I was also thrilled to find out that Scottish people are very kind and have nicely welcomed me from the very first moment I got here"

Rajammal Veerappan

Business Analysis/PMO Professional at Excelian Inc.

  • MSc in Advanced Computer Science, University of Aberdeen
Rajammal Veerappan

"From day one I knew it was a start of a special journey and correct investment of time for my future. I was enrolled in Fall 2009 to MSc in Advanced Computer Science and specialised in Artificial Intelligence. The intuitive teaching method enforces the foundation for learning and acquiring knowledge. Due to the constant motivation and encouragement from the staff, I pushed myself to excel further and eventually graduated with a Commendation.

The wholesome learning journey was laid upon to enable even soft skills to be picked up from presentations, and projects. I wanted to acquire some leadership skills and became Masters Computing Science Level Representative and Student Leader during the period of my MSc. I was also working as an E-Learning Assistant with the Centre for Academic Development in the university. Being able to multitask between studying, working, and student leadership, it really benefitted me and looked very good on my resume. Due to the efforts of multitasking, I was awarded with the Institutional Best Student Employee of the Year (SEOTY) [Runner-up]. I was nominated by my employer University of Aberdeen’s Centre for Academic Development, and National Association of Student Employment Services UK. All of these gave me the important grounding to pursue my career after my post graduate studies in Aberdeen University.

Even before starting to write my dissertation at the end of semester two, I already had a job offer waiting. I was selected through graduate recruitment for a financial institution in Edinburgh called Standard Life. Not only in United Kingdom the education is recognised it is transferable. When I moved to New York, I had a job offer with Excelian Inc. It in a London headquartered company who branched out to New York City. Excelian is a technology consultancy specialising in the Financial Services and Commodities industries. That MSc allowed me a golden opportunity to bridge between working life and what was taught in finance domain. These are the skills necessary for working across countries, cultures and borders.

Having had worked in United Kingdom as well as United States of America, all these outcomes and wealth of knowledge from the teaching staff have moulded me into what I am and what I will be in the future. I am very proud and privileged to be an Aberdeen University computing science alumni and I definitely gained a special advantage through the education path I wanted to pursue."

Noah Altunian

  • MSc Information Technology, University of Aberdeen

"I chose the University of Aberdeen for Computing because the research done here is considered relevant and reliable; I knew that the teachers and the courses would be of a quality standard, and that I’d learn from reliable, knowledgeable sources.

I enjoyed the community feel of the University; I walk to and from classes, and I always run into friends. The campus is small, and welcomes a friendly feeling. Plus, the University is very old, and it implores you to be in awe of the buildings, both outside and within.

Regarding my degree, I enjoyed the communal feel of studying with all of the other Computing Science students, both within my course and year, and from outside. Also, the teachers and the courses are all welcoming; the teachers are welcoming to questions, and encourage them, and the courses are welcoming to your curiosity. You really get all that you put into it; the more you put in, the more things you really do get out of it.

Aberdeen has enabled me to realise that my career goals are truly achievable. The course has taught me so much, and has given me a rounded set of skills that I can advertise myself with pride. I’ve ultimately come to realise that everything can be achieved, it just depends on your determination."

PhD Students

Feikje Hielkema

Medical Terminology Expert at Nictiz

  • PhD Computing Science, University of Aberdeen
Feikje Hielkema University of Aberdeen

"Aberdeen has the largest research group on natural language generation in Europe, so when I had the opportunity to do a PhD here I jumped at it.

In this period I obtained a PhD in Computing Science, specialisation Natural Language Generation (NLG). The research was part of the PolicyGrid project (http://www.policygrid.org) in the domain of e-social science, investigating issues involved in using NLG techniques to supply easy access to RDF for social scientists."

Edoardo Pignotti

Researcher at Nominet UK

  • MSc E-commerce Technologies, University of Aberdeen
  • PhD Computing Science, University of Aberdeen
Edoardo Pignotti University of aberdeen
"I received my Bachelors degree in Computing Science from the University of Aberdeen in 2002, after transferring from Padua University in Italy. I then went on to receive an MSc in E-Commerce Technologies in 2003. I got excited about research after completing my Masters’ project as I had the opportunity to get my work published in the Proceedings of the European Conference on Artificial Intelligence in 2004. When the chance came to work as a research assistant on an ESRC-funded eScience pilot project, I took it.

Imtiaz Khan

  • PhD Computing Science, University of Aberdeen

"The city of Aberdeen is relatively small, but it is full of academic, social and cultural activities. So, after almost four years in Aberdeen and at the end of my PhD, I am very happy to have chosen this university to study in.”

Imtiaz Khan University of Aberdeen