Aberdeen University Jazz Orchestra and Aberdeen University Jazz Band


Both ensembles are part of the Aberdeen University Jazz Society, which also provides the opportunity for members to play in smaller jazz combos and to participate in jazz master classes and workshops throughout the session.


The bands perform regularly in a range of venues including Aberdeen’s Blue Lamp, considered to be one of the best jazz venues in the country. Both bands perform annually in the Aberdeen Jazz Festival, with AUJ Big Band performing the very rare ‘Sacred Concert’ by Duke Ellington in 2017 to great acclaim.


AUJ Jazz Orchestra is an auditioning ensemble. Rhythm section and singers for both bands are required to audition. You can sign up for an audition at Fresher's Fayre or the Music Fayre or contact the Music Office. Auditions are in an informal, open rehearsal format. They are designed so that you can be placed in the ensemble that is most suited to your playing.


Recent Jazz Master classes:


  • Mina Agossi
  • Flying Machines
  • Trio HLK
  • Massif Collectif
  • Pericopes
  • Theo Travis
  • Joe Williamson
  • Ben MacDonald
  • Steve Fishwick
  • Kate Mullins and Will Bartlett
  • The Alan Benzie Trio
  • Lorenz Kellhuber


Rehearsal Details: The AUJ Jazz Orchestra and AUJ Jazz Band meet on Wednesday evenings between 5pm and 8pm in the Education Annexe, MacRobert Building.

Contact Details:

Neil Kendal neil.kendal.14@aberdeen.ac.uk


Pauline Black paulineblack@abdn.ac.uk

Social Media:


Facebook www.facebook.com/AbdnJazz


Twitter @AbdnJazz

An inside look at the jazz music scene in Aberdeen, focusing on the Aberdeen University Jazz Society and Jazz at the Blue Lamp.

Anthropology by Louise Kendal, bass guitarist, AUJ

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CC4xQGDQRB4  - Pericopes video 2016