The Early Music Ensembles include a small orchestra, various chamber ensembles, and continuo class, all playing on reproductions of historical instruments from the Renaissance and Baroque. Coaching is provided by staff and Visiting Performance Fellows including:

  • Frauke Jürgensen
  • Dian Underwood
  • Lesley Wilson
  • Gemma McGregor
  • Amanda Babington (Manchester)
  • Claire Babington (Manchester)
  • Caroline Ritchie (London and Basel)
  • Ralph Stelzenmuller (Basel).


  • strings
  • oboe
  • bassoon
  • flute (subject to instrument availability)
  • recorder (subject to instrument availability)
  • recorder consort
  • viola da gamba consort
  • singers
  • lute/theorbo
  • harpsichord/organ.

There are limited places available, due to instrument availability. If you are interested in joining, please contact Dr Frauke Jürgensen. No previous experience with the historical instrument is assumed, but you should be very competent on its modern counterpart (exception: viola da gamba).

If there is sufficient interest, a class in historical dance may be formed. Keyboard players initially attend continuo class, and are allotted to ensembles once a certain degree of competence is reached. Visiting Performance Fellows travel to Aberdeen roughly once a month for lessons and coaching; in the meantime, rehearsals are held by a postgraduate student.

Rehearsal Details: Rehearsal times are arranged separately for the various ensembles. Generally, Renaissance ensembles rehearse on Wednesday afternoons, and baroque strings on Thursdays or Fridays. 

Contact Details: Frauke Jurgensen