IMS Policy Statement

IMS Policy Statement

Statement from the IMS Director

The Institute of Medical Sciences accommodates clinical and basic scientists from the School of Medicine, Medical Sciences and Nutrition who are based on the Foresterhill Campus. The IMS includes the Polwarth Building, Biomedical Physics Building, Lilian Sutton Building, PET Centre, Maternity Hospital, Children's Hospital, Regional Transfusion Centre and the Liberty Building.

Responsibility for Health, Safety and Wellbeing issues within the IMS rests with the Head of School, who has delegated the management of Health, Safety and Wellbeing to the Director of the IMS and the Convenor and Lead Safety Coordinator of the Health, Safety and Wellbeing Committee, in order to have a consistent approach across the whole of the IMS.

Further details on the responsibilities of individual personnel and the IMS Safety Committee to Health, Safety and Wellbeing can be found in the IMS Safety Handbook. Please read through this handbook and have all the members of your team become familiar with its contents.

We recognise that Health, Safety and Wellbeing is a core and integral aspect of the good business management and we want to ensure that the University provides a safe and healthy working environment.

A summary of the major principles of IMS safety is provided in the IMS Safety Summary. The latter booklet summarises some important issues to allow safe working in the laboratory. However, it must not be used in isolation; links are provided to more detailed information that is available in the full safety manual on the web.

For the benefit of everyone, we urge all staff and students to commit themselves to maintaining high standards of Health, Safety and Wellbeing within the IMS. We encourage anyone with suggestions to improve our procedures to discuss them with us or with one of the IMS Safety Coordinators.

Professor David Blackbourn - Convenor H&S Committee & IMS Director
Dr Guy Bewick - IMS Lead Safety Coordinator
Institute of Medical Sciences
February 2022