Local IMS Safety Coordinators

A list of local safety coordinators, central advisers and important emergency contact numbers is provided below. It can also be found in the Summary Health and Safety Policy document that should be located in all laboratories. The designated local safety coordinators are also listed there for each Principle Investigator within the IMS.

Institute of Medical Sciences Contacts
Bewick, Dr Guy IMS Lead Safety Coordinator 7398
Blackbourn, Prof David Convenor, IMS Health, Safety and Wellbeing Committee & IMS Director 7480
Cameron, Mr George Biomedical Physics and PET Centre Safety Coordinator 76-53210
Crane, Dr Isabel IMS Lead Radiation Protection Supervisor 7529
Dall'Angelo, Dr Sergio Research Fellow Representative on IMS Safety Committee 7563
Forsyth, Janice Clerk to IMS Health Safety and Wellbeing Committee 7505
Harrington, Dr Charlie IMS  Deputy Lead Safety Coordinator, Liberty & SNBTS 8563
Lumsden, Mrs Lynne IMS Building Safety Coordinator, Clerk to FBSC 7503
Mackenzie, Kevin IMS Building Safety Coordinator, Facility Manager Microscopy and Histology 7447
McCallum, Dr Stephen University Radiation Protection Adviser and Laser Protection Adviser 76-53109
Miller, Dr Sam IMS Safety Coordinator (Deputy Lead) 7484
Pickford, Dr Wendy IMS Building Safety Coordinator 7460
Tosh, Mrs Denise IMS Building Safety Coordinator 7457
Wilkinson, Dr Debbie IMS Laser Protection Supervisor, IMS Safety Committee 7422
Wilson, Dr Heather Chair, Foresterhill Biological Safety Committee (FBSC) 7350
University, Security and Emergency Service Contacts
Accident & Emergency Hospital A & E 76-50539
Estates: fault reporting normal hours 3333
out-of-hours (emergencies only) 3939
Fire Brigade, Police & Ambulance Emergency services 9-999
  University Fire Safety Adviser 4786
Occupational Health Foresterhill Lea 76-53663
Petrie, Dr Allan University Health and Safety Adviser 3896
University Security Security 3939

Central University Advisers

Full details are available on the central University safety web pages