If you are working with biological material, you need to fully understand the procedures and IMS policy before you start work. The safety handbook describes the hazard classification system for microorganisms and the requirements for handling such microorganisms at appropriate containment levels. If you are working with genetically modified microorganisms, or unmodified organisms that need to be handled at containment level 2 or 3, such projects need to be approved by the Foresterhill Biological Safety Committee who meet four times a year. Further details and the dates of meetings are found in the Foresterhill GM safety information sheet.

If you are working with human blood or other tissues, you should follow the IMS policy. Vaccination for hepatitis B is strongly recommended for those working with unscreened blood and tissue samples. Vaccination should be arranged through the Occupational Health Service (76-53663). Sufficient time should be allowed for vaccination to be effective (a minimum of 6 weeks should be allowed for hepatitis B).