Community Cafes

Community Cafes

Cafe Event Aberdeen imageNormally we run community cafes in different locations across Aberdeen. Currently we are running our cafe programme in-person as Cafe Scientifique, Cafe Med and Cafe Arts and online as the Cafe Connect Podcast!

We welcome speakers from all academic disciplines and run one event per month.

Recruiting Researchers Now!

Are you working on a research topic that members of the public would find interesting? We are currently recruiting researchers to take part in our Autumn 2023 and Winter 2023/24 programme of Cafes.

Contact the PERU team to find out more and volunteer or visit the drop down menus below.

Community Cafe Programme

Cafe Scientifique

Our Cafe Scientifique Aberdeen City series takes place monthly usually around the middle Wednesday of the month. Sessions run from February through to November and are free to attend.

The series invites researchers to share their latest insights in scientific research with the public in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere where questions and discussions are encouraged.


Cafe Med

Cafe Med Aberdeen City takes place on Mondays once a month, in the Suttie Centre Cafe, Foresterhill Health Campus from 6pm and is free to attend. These events are organised in partnership with the Suttie Centre team.

Events feature a medical researcher and NHS clinician and provide a unique opportunity for the public to learn about research and its applications in a patient setting.

Find out more about taking part in Cafe Med by reading our information document.

Cafe Arts

Café Arts is the newest addition to the Café series. It features leading social science, arts or humanities researchers to share their insights with the public in a friendly setting where discussions and questions are encouraged. 

The event takes place three times in a year usually on a Wednesday of a set month.

Cafe Connect

Café Connect brings the latest University of Aberdeen research in an online format. In this podcast series, we meet different researchers who talk all things research along with their work and its relevance to our everyday lives.