Public engagement pervades key areas including research competitiveness, quality of teaching and personal skills development. For our staff and students, here are five benefits of embracing this ever-more important part of the higher education scene:

  • Enhance the competitiveness of the University through support of embedded engagement within research proposals - crucial to the current impact and research excellence frameworks and especially vital in the post-2014 higher education environment
  • Enhance personal skills including creativity, teaching, writing and leadership through design and delivery of public engagement projects
  • Foster meaningful channels of dialogue with key public stakeholders, for example to enrich and explore research directions or to reflect public views and ethical concerns
  • Build external networking and collaboration capacities through academic and non-academic partners involved in public engagement projects and to position the University as an effective cultural engagement hub  
  • Exploit the progressive benefits that public engagement can bring, for example through media publicity, high profile events and the often un-anticipated outcomes that can be generated through access to a wider audience