Dr Chris Croly

Dr Chris CrolyPublic Engagement with Research Manager

Chris joined the team in May 2015. Having spent 14 years working as a historian Chris has researched and published on many different aspects of Aberdeen and Scotland’s history. During this time Chris came to realise that there is both a huge public appetite in finding out about research as well as a really important role that engaging research with the public plays in helping to shape, influence and direct research. Both research and engagement are intimately linked; each benefits greatly from the other. Chris brings to this role a love of research and engagement, of putting projects together, and of bringing research and researchers together with different and new audiences in innovative ways.

Dr Barbara Gorgoni

Barbara GorgoniPublic Engagement and Training Officer (Biomedical Sciences), Public Engagement with Research

Barbara joined the team in July 2015, after a career in biomedical research. She first moved to Scotland to pursue her passion for science and during her post-doctoral years developed her interest in public engagement with research and became a STEM ambassador. Barbara also joined the organisation “Understanding Animal Research” because she strongly believes in the importance of starting a dialogue with the public on this and other controversial issues. When the University obtained the Wellcome Trust Institutional Support Strategic Fund (ISSF) she had the opportunity to join PERU and become fully involved in transmitting her passion for science and research to the wider society. Her role is to develop and coordinate public engagement activities across the biomedical sciences and to train and support researchers who wish to develop their public engagement portfolio. Barbara’s role aims to promote a long-term culture change by strengthening and developing public engagement as a strategic approach within the University.