Being Human Festival

Being Human Festival

What is it?

The Being Human Festival is a new UK-wide initiative in November that aims to engage the public with the latest research taking place across the humanities. The Festival is supported by a collaboration of the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), the British Academy and the School of Advanced Study, University of London.

In a similar way to national initiatives in other areas, such as British Science Week and the Festival of Social Science, the Being Human Festival will encourage a week-long UK-wide programme of activity that thrives on Universities, community and partner organisations coming together to stage stimulating and engaging activities.

Who can present?

The festival is intended to promote humanities research and highlight the impact it can have on society. There are no specified formats and no conditions around the career stage of event proposers.

Higher education institutions around the UK could apply to stage an event, and about 20 were successful. However in Aberdeen, we adopted a strategic approach in order to widen the potential take up of the Being Human initiative.

The Public Engagement with Research Unit successfully secured a small grant from the Being Human organisers to support marketing and programme production for the Aberdeen Being Human festival. This helps Aberdeen become a player in this new initiative from the outset, and we are now encouraging researchers in arts and humanities areas to propose their events that can populate a diverse local programme.

How do I become involved?

Please contact for further information.