Bright Club

Bright Club

Bright Club Scotland - The institute for rare jokesWhat is it?

Bright Club mixes research and comedy to create an entertaining night of laughs, music and new ideas. The nights are held in a comedy club setting where  presenters perform an 8 minute comedy sketch based on their research.

The Bright Club format was created by Steve Cross and Miriam Miller at University College London in 2009. The first Bright Club Aberdeen was held at the University May Festival in 2013 and performers have graduated on to Bright Club's in Newcastle, the Edinburgh Fringe and even at Belladrum Festival.

Who can present?

Anyone can take part in a Bright Club event. Students, staff and professors from any subject background are welcome to share their work with an engaged audience at a Bright Club night.

Where and when does it take place?

Bright Club Aberdeen currently takes place during the University of Aberdeen May Festival and during EXPLORATHON, European Researchers' Night Scotland in a city centre venue. The training programme, in partnership with a stand-up comic, begins some months before the final performance and we make sure that performers are supported throughout their Bright Club journey.

Is it for me and how do I get involved?

Presenting at a Bright Club event challenges you to communicate your work in an engaging and entertaining way. The intensive training coupled to the main event covers:

  • exploring presentation styles and identifying key points to convey in a short delivery time including some dos and don'ts
  • developing self-awareness and physicality of a stage environment including tips on voice projection, interacting with audiences and dealing with feedback
  • use of humour templates and techniques to shape content and produce the comedy routine

Bright Club training encourages and enables researchers to connect with new audiences about their research work both internally in the university and with external groups.

If you are interested in speaking at a Bright Club Night in Aberdeen please contact the PERU. In addition, if you are interested in speaking at Bright Club event elsewhere or hosting your own Bright Club event please get in touch with the PERU.