PechaKucha Aberdeen

PechaKucha Aberdeen

What is it?

If you want to try out a fast-paced, self-disciplined style of presentation you might be interested in the PechaKucha format. Launched in Tokyo in 2003, PechaKucha is a 6 minute 40 second visual presentation format. Presenters have 20 slides and 20 seconds per slide to get across their topic in a lively, informal style. Each slide is predominantly an image of some description, for example a drawing, diagram or photograph.

The presentation is on a timer, ensuring the maximum length is fixed. We've secured the official handshake agreement with the Tokyo-based coordinators of PechaKucha and so our PechaKucha Night Aberdeen programme is fully endorsed and shares publicity with PechaKucha events happening across 650 cities worldwide.

PechaKucha Night

Who can present?

We're interested in hearing from anyone who wants to try out the PechaKucha format and has a strong, engaging narrative to present. PechaKucha is a good way of focusing on important messages, using creative imagery and as such, many academic gatherings are using the format. However we're also keen that our Aberdeen PechaKucha evening are a chance for people from different organisations to mix, and so presenters from our University community will join others from charities, social enterprises, industry or community groups united by the theme.  

Where and when does it take place?

The University's Public Engagement with Research Unit have the official PechaKucha handshake agreement from the Tokyo organisers. In order to provide a familiar and neutral venue we've linked up with The Belmont Picturehouse cinema to host the series. PechaKucha Night Aberdeen takes place between September and December, featuring around 6 presenters per evening linked by a common theme.

Is it for me and how would I get involved?

PechaKucha is a particularly good format for focusing on the key messages of a presentation and ensuring good use of time. It encourages an engaging and dynamic presentation style and is ideal for staff or students who wish to develop communications skills. Each season will feature up to 30 presenters so there are plenty of opportunities.

Please get in touch is you are interested. You can visit our public-facing PechaKucha Aberdeen page here.