Study Spaces

Study Spaces

There is a wide range of study spaces on campus that are open to all students when not in use for teaching. These are a range of drop in and bookable spaces.

Where Can I Study?

The University is able to provide limited study space on campus:

Please read these Terms and Conditions before booking a study space.  By booking a room at the University you agree to comply with the following terms and may risk removal of your room booking rights, and potential disciplinary action, by not doing so.

Where are Drop In Spaces?

Drop in spaces are available in our libraries, and also computing classrooms (when teaching is not taking place) - see Where do I find a PC? below.

Where are Bookable Spaces?

There are a small number of rooms available on both the Old Aberdeen and Foresterhill campuses which are available for those who have an online class immediately preceding or following an on-campus class.

These spaces need to be booked in advance and are to be used where you require to interact (e.g. speak) as part of the class.

These rooms are single occupancy and must be only used by the person making the booking.

There is a PC in the classroom, which can be used and a power point available for laptop users.

How do I book a space?

The spaces available at the Suttie Centre can be booked via the Suttie Centre website.

The other bookable spaces for single occupancy study can be booked by contacting Please note these need to be booked at least 48 hours in advance. You will receive a confirmation email within 48 hours (Monday - Friday).

You are advised to take and save a screen shot or copy of your confirmation email when using a bookable space. You must display this, if asked by a member of staff.

These spaces must not be used unless booked.

How long can I use a space?

Bookable spaces will be available to book up to 2 hours at a time.

Drop in spaces do not have any time restrictions but all personal belongings should be removed from a drop in study space when not in use or attending an on campus class.

Computer Classrooms

Computer Classrooms

Computer classrooms, when not booked for teaching, are available as drop in study space. Please do not enter while a class in is progress unless you have permission to do so. See Code of Conduct for use of Computer Classrooms for further information.

Here is our list of computer classrooms and their capacities.