On the Day

On the Day

Congratulations - it's your Graduation Day!

The following information will help guide you on what to expect on the day of your graduation.

Prior to the ceremony

Please arrive at P&J Live in good time and collect your robes (see timings below).

  • After collecting your robes, graduating students should proceed to the Briefing Room for check in and pre-ceremony briefing. Check -in stations are arranged by your last name.
  • You will be allocated a specific seat in the Briefing Room. Please ensure that you sit in your allocated seat - this is the order that names will be called to go across the stage to graduate. Once the briefing is finished, you should have time for a comfort break prior to returning to line up for the ceremony.
  • Handbags and valuables should be taken with you to the Graduation Hall. Please deposit any large bags/cases in the cloakroom on the ground floor. All bags will be subject to a security check before entering the building.
  • You should be wearing your robes when you arrive at the Briefing Room, but not your coloured hood which will be put on once you have been capped on stage.
  • The trencher (hat)/John Knox cap is not required until the end of the ceremony. Carry it with you - put it under your chair until the end of the ceremony. Trenchers/John Knox caps are only worn by graduates as they process out of the venue at the end of the ceremony. When everyone stands up to leave at the end of the ceremony you should put it on.
Timeline for ceremonies
  11.00am ceremony 3.00pm ceremony 6.30pm ceremony Comments
Collect robes and hat from Ede & Ravenscroft. 08.30-09.30
(E&R on duty from 8.30am)
Anytime up to 13.30 Anytime up to 17.00 You should order robes by 20 June 2022 at the latest from www.gownhire.co.uk 
Have graduation photographs taken by Ede & Ravenscroft. If not done by 9.30, suggest that photos are taken after the ceremony Anytime up to 13.30 Anytime up to 17.00 Photo orders can be placed at the same time as ordering the robes, using the same website. Photo studios will close at 18.00 on Wednesday 6 July and Friday 8 July
Report to the Briefing Room for check in. 09.45 13.45 17.15  
Expected time to begin to process to the ceremony from the Briefing Room 10.40 14.40 18.10 Registry staff will alert you when it is almost time to process and will lead you out of your room.
Anticipated time of end of ceremony 12.15-12.30 16.15-16.30 19.45-20.00 Depends on the length of speeches and the volume of students graduating at your ceremony.
Return robes and hat by: 18.00 on the same day 20.00 on the same day (18.00 on Wednesday 6 July and Friday 8 July) 20.15 on the same day  


Procession and Ceremony

When all the checks have been completed students will process to the Graduation Hall. The student procession will begin about twenty minutes before the start of the ceremony.

The Sacrists will lead the procession into the venue and usher you to your seats (please remain in the order you were seated in the Briefing Room).


  • There will be a welcome speech, sometimes followed by an honorary degree conferment. The student graduation will then commence, and you will be taken out half a row at a time to the side of the platform. 
  • Wait for your first and last names to be called before you start walking across the platform.
  • The Sacrist will take your hood (or gown for Doctoral students) off your arm as you pass him on the stage - just let him remove it from your arm and don't try to hand it to him. Stand and face the Chancellor or Pro/Vice-Chancellor, seated in the large chair in the middle of the stage. Once they say 'Et te creo' you should dip your head slightly so they can touch it with the cap - that is you capped. The Sacrist will put the hood over your head (or help you into your robe for Doctoral students). Turn to face the audience, accept applause/cheering from family and friends, and go down the stairs facing you in the middle of the stage.
  • At the foot of the stairs you will be handed an envelope containing your certificate and transcript. Research students do not get a transcript.  Please do not open the envelope until after the ceremony. Return to your seat via the centre aisle. 
  • At the end of the ceremony you should remain standing as the Academic procession leaves the venue. You can now put on your hat/John Knox Cap. Make sure you have all your belongings with you - don't leave anything under the seat or on it. You will process out of the venue, a row at a time, behind the Academic procession. Remember to collect any belongings from the Briefing Room as another cohort of students may be arriving for their ceremony.
Information for Guests

Please remind your guests that admission to the ceremony cannot be allowed after the Academic Procession has begun (times are stated on guests' tickets)

Guests who arrive after the start of the ceremony will not be permitted entry.

Members of the audience may take photographs, but they should not move about the venue in order to do so. Please inform your guests that they should remain in their seats.