Emily Drouet Award

Emily Drouet Award

This page contains descriptions and commentary on the topic of gender based violence and suicide. Details of support services should you be impacted by these issues are available on this webpage.

Celebrating Kindness - Emily Douet Award

The Emily Drouet Award 

The Emily Drouet Award is an annual celebration of kindness. Part of the University’s Excellence Awards, the Emily Drouet Award recognises a student who has gone above and beyond to support others.

Emily DrouetSponsored by the University of Aberdeen Development Trust and Emily’s parents, Fiona and Germain Drouet, the award will be given out annually from 2021 for five years.

When asked to summarise Emily’s sense of kindness and nature, Fiona and Germain said:

“Always exceptionally kind and caring, Emily was a young woman who left a positive and lasting impact on everyone she knew. Emily was a breath of fresh air, adored by all who loved her. She was naturally compassionate  -  always considering others. Simple gestures like each time she bought sweets she would bring some home for her little brother and sister too.  Her presence was warm and reassuring, whether she knew you or not, you would always feel welcome and appreciated.  She had an infectious sense of fun, you couldn't stay sad for long when Emily was around.  She never understood why anyone would want to hurt others and always saw the best in people.  Some could say that is naive, but for us it's a beautiful quality that is sadly too rare.  She was endlessly patient, loved spending time with her younger brother and sister whose friends all adored her too. She touched countless lives so positively and left a legacy of always being kind to people.  Kindness is the greatest gift you can have; it's transformative and often underestimated.  All Emily would want is for others to always show kindness and compassion to others and seeing that recognised in this award couldn't be more fitting.”

It is this spirit of kindness and selflessness that this award seeks to recognise.

Nominations for the Excellence Awards are now closed. 

Nomination Support Information 

It is important that you provide as much detail as possible, including examples of where your nominee has acted selflessly or with kindness, and the impact that this has had. The judging panel may reach out to nominators for more details if needed. 


Emily Drouet joined the University of Aberdeen in September 2015 studying Law with French. She lived in University Halls of Residence, where in March 2016, Emily took her own life.

Since Emily’s death, her parents – Fiona and Germain – have launched a charity, EmilyTest, to support students affected by Gender Based Violence (GBV).  Fiona Drouet has been a leading voice in campaigns to raise awareness of GBV in higher education, she has worked with institutions across Scotland to improve policies, procedures and practices enhancing support for both staff and students.  The charity’s latest project is the creation of a GBV Charter which aims to ensure consistent high standards in GBV prevention and intervention across Scotland and the rest of the UK.

Support resources

Online Reporting Tool
Staff, students, and visitors to our campus can report all forms of gender based violence and harassment using the University’s confidential reporting service. You can choose to report anonymously, or if you’d like support from an adviser please provide your contact details.

University Support Services
the University has a number of support services providing impartial and confidential advice on a range of issues, including personal, academic, money matters, disabilities and specific learning difficulties, visas and immigration matters, mental health and wellbeing, and more. You can also email: student.support@abdn.ac.uk 

Student helpline:
For support outwith University hours, you can also call our dedicated Student Helpline freephone number 0808 196 2707 or 00353 1518 0277 from out with the UK. You can also use WhatsApp by texting "Hi" to 00353 87 369 0010

Equally Safe Toolkit
This free resource for Scottish universities works to prevent gender-based violence (GBV) on campuses. The ESHE Toolkit provides a practical collection of free materials and resources developed specifically for Scottish universities which can be used as they are or adapted to suit individual institutions.  

focuses on promoting mental health, suicide prevention and critically the topic of gender based violence and domestic abuse amongst young people in colleges and Higher Education.