Race Equality Network for staff and PGRs

Race Equality Network for staff and PGRs

As a part of our commitment to create an inclusive environment for all our employees, we have established a new ‘Race Equality Network’ (REN) for staff and Postgraduate Research (PGR) students.

The Network provides an informal social space for discussion of shared experiences related to race at the University of Aberdeen, and explores best practices in advancing race equality in the class-room, work-spaces and everyday life on campus. The Network, currently at 90 members, is open to all staff and postgraduate research students.  

The Network aims to: 

  1. Educate: Raise awareness of the issue of race, and structural and behavioural racism in Higher Education
  2. Engage: Contribute to the development and execution of the University’s Race Equality Strategy 
  3. Empower: Recruit and promote ethnic minority staff and postgraduate students 
  4. Advance: Build an anti-racist culture across all levels of the University  
  5. Support: Provide direction and guidance to staff and students when needed 

Resources offered include:

  • A Reading Group on Race and Anti-Racism to share race equity related materials and events taking place nationally and internationally. To learn more and sign up, join the Teams Page 
  • An ‘Anti-Racism Allies Room’ (Teams Channel) an archive of published research, online talks and  workshops aims at promoting solidarity within the university community

Co-convenors of REN: Vimal Subramanian (Lead International Governance Officer , Professional Services, click here for more information) and Ritu Vij (Senior Lecturer, Politics and International Relations, click here for more information).

If you are interested in the theme of Race or simply wish to be informed on progress, please email racenetwork@abdn.ac.uk.