Research records can be imported from external sites (Scopus, Web of Science, ORCID, PubMed etc.), created from templates available in Pure or imported from a BibTeX or RIS file. Pure can also be set up to automaticaly search for content from external sites.

Automatic importing:

Pure can be set up to search a range of online sites for your publications, for example pulling publication information from the Scopus database or capturing information from your ORCID account.

To make sure that Pure captures the correct informaiton we encourage you to add your Scopus author ID to Pure, this makes sure that Pure is searching for the right content, particularly if you have the same inital and surname as another researcher. Follow our guide to add your Scopus ID to Pure

You can also add your ORCID to Pure, this will allow Pure to collect informaiton from your previous institution and then send back new publications while you are working at the University of Aberdeen. You can find out how add your ORCID to Pure here

Manually adding content:

You can also use Pure to manuulay add your publications, the guides below will help you to add research outputs to Pure.

Video content can also be added to Pure and shared on the Pure Portal. View the Promoting Video Content on Outputs Guide for more information.

There are a variety of research outputs that can be added to Pure. If you are not sure which template to use, contact the Pure team for guidance. Validated and approved research output records will be available on the Public Research Portal. A list of example research outputs is shown below:

Research Output

Output sub-type


Book, Commissioned report, Scholar report, Anthology, Other report.

Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceeding

Chapter, Conference contribution, Postscript/Foreword, Other Chapter contributions.

Journal contribution

Article, Abstract, Book/Film/Article Review, Comment/debate, Editorial, Feature, Letter, Literature review, Review article, Special issue

Working Paper

Working paper, Discussion paper, Preprint



Conference contribution

Unpublished Abstract, Poster, Paper, or Other contirbution.

Non-textual form contributions

Dataset/Database, Composition, Website or web publication, Exhibition, Performance, Product, Design, Artefact, Software, Videos.


External affiliations

External affiliations on research output records are used to populate the network map on the Public Research Portal. If there are no external affiliations listed, the network map on the profile pages will not display the research output record.