Prizes and Awards

Prizes and Awards

The Prizes module allows you to record awards or other distinctions you have received for your work. Examples include fellowships, commissions, elections to learned societies, appointments, honours, or medals.

Prize records may be used to:

  • Build your profile on the Public Research Portal and contribute to the wider research environment.
  • Enhance discoverability and collaboration opportunities.
  • Inform the public about the prize you have received.
  • Connect with other Pure records such as a research article you have received a prize for.

The guides below describes how to add a Prize:

Adding Prizes

Link other related content in Pure to your prize record (e.g., publications) and showcase your full research story.

Visibility of record

Your Prize records can be set for public view or to private if appropriate, follow this guide to update visibliity settings. People accessing the Public Research Portal will be able to see information about your prizes if the information is made public.