The Press/Media module can be used to record details of press or media coverage about your research. This includes items written by you or items written about your research, e.g., press releases, newspaper articles, blog posts, radio or TV shows, and expert commentary.

Use this guide to add a Press/Media item.

If there has been an abundance of coverage of your research, then you should create a Press/Media record with multiple media references to keep similar items together. There is no limit towards the number of media items that can be added and media coverage can be added at any time. Ensure you add the most important media coverage, especially in cases with a lot of media coverage.


The URL link to the press/media article can be stored, however do not copy, and paste the article into Pure due to copyright violations.

Relations and Visibility

Once the record is made, link it to other Pure content such as the publication covered in a news item. Doing this helps to demonstrate a full picture of your research story and makes it easier to find related records in Pure.

Press/Media records can be displayed on the Public Research Portal or restricted to Pure users/selected groups if appropriate.

Click here for information on how to change information visibility settings