Pure is the University's Research Information System. Pure stores information about research activities such as:

  • Research outputs (publications)
  • Professional activities and awards, outreach and knowledge exchange
  • Evidence of Impact
  • Datasets (underlying data from publications)

It also displays data relating to research activity held in other University systems; eg Research Grant information from the Research Grants database.


Pure allows related activities to be linked together to build up an overview e.g. a publication to a project; researchers to a project; impact statements to a publication.

Pure was used to co-ordinate the research output element of the REF2014 submission, using the REF2014 module.

With more and more pressure on the University to meet requirements for the next REF, Funding bodies and audit it is imperative that research staff across the institution maintain their Pure profile, keeping it up to date with all bibliographic information on their latest research outputs.


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Upgrades and maintenance

Pure will be upgraded to version 5.5.1 on the 14th of June 2016. To allow us to upgrade the system Pure will not be available for use from 8am until 6pm on the 14th of June. If our IT colleagues require a longer period of outage we will post updates on this page. 

Pure has three major software releases each year and we aim to upgrade in line with these releases. Information on future upgrades and maintenance will be posted here before each upgrade. 



Nykohla Strong
Email: n.strong@abdn.ac.uk
Tel: +44 (0)1224 272077

News & Updates


HEFCE Open Access Mandate

The HEFCE REF open access mandate for journal articles will come into force on 1 April 2016.  This means that all journal articles and some conference proceedings will have to be discoverable and, where possible, publicly accessible within three months of acceptance for publication in order to be eligible for submission for the next REF. 

We will only be able to select journal articles that meet the REF open access requirements. In order to select the best we will have to record the details of all papers within 3 months of acceptance – regardless of whether the journal allows open access.

The mandate cannot be applied retrospectively – if we fail to make an output accessible within the period specified by HEFCE, or to provide a valid justification within the same period, then the output is not eligible for submission.

The easiest way to comply is to forward your final manuscript with the acceptance e-mail for all papers to paperaccepted@abdn.ac.uk  To find out more click here 


Upgrades and maintenance

Pure is currently running on version 5.6.3. Pure has three major software releases each year and we aim to upgrade in line with these releases.


Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about Pure. If your questions are not answered below or in the User Guides section, please contact Nykohla Strong.

1. How do I add and edit a publication (research output) for my staff web page?

Publications should be added and edited in Pure, once saved they will be displayed on your staff web page.

  • Pure settings: To make the publication display on your staff web page and Public Research Profile, ensure that ‘Public – no restriction’ and the Yes radio button are selected in the Visibility section of the publication record, (note that this is selected by default).
  • Staff pages settings: Ensure that your staff page is set to ‘research outputs (Pure)’
  • The publication should be edited in Pure, the information will then be displayed on your staff web page.

2. What format is used for displaying publications on staff web pages?

The University uses the Harvard format for displaying publications on staff web pages, this format cannot be     changed on individual staff pages.

3. How can I change the order of the publication types displayed on my staff web pages? 

Publications are displayed in a specific order, starting with Contributions to Journals. Although this order cannot be changed on individual staff pages, a person viewing your staff page has the ability to choose the publication type they are interested in using the ‘Jump to’ menu.

4. How can I change the publication type if there is a mistake?

Publication types are set in Pure when you create the publication record, if the publication in your staff page is being displayed incorrectly e.g displaying as a specialist publication and it should be a journal article, this can only be corrected by changing the publication template in Pure.

5. Can I include an image to accompany my publication?

It is not currently possible to include images alongside the publications on your staff pages or Public Research Profile; however you can upload a wide variety of supporting documents, web links, DOI's and image files which can be stored in Pure and in AURA

6. Once I have entered my publication in Pure, when will it appear on my staff page?

The information should be displayed on your staff page instantly, however, in some cases the update may happen the following day. (Remember to ensure your visibility settings are correct)

7. What is the Public Research Profile In Pure? 

Pure includes a facility to display information on research outputs and activities stored by users to external viewers, via a web interface, similar to staff web-pages. All University Pure users (staff and research students) have their own Public Research Profile page. Pure users have full control over which content they display on their Public Research Profile; if a user has research output or research activity information stored in their Pure account which they do not want to display via their Public Research Profile, they can change the visibility settings for the relevant research outputs and activities. 

More Frequently asked Questions can be found here.