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Access Pure

Log into Pure at

Information on Accessing Pure

Pure holds a range of research-related outcomes, impact, activities and promotes the University’s research excellence to the wider community. We encourage all researchers to maintain their Pure profile and keep Pure up to date with research outputs and activities. Keeping Pure up to date can help researchers meet government, funder, and audit requirements.

Logging in to Pure

Log into Pure using your university login (username e.g. a12ab1) and password at

The extension is not required in your username.

If you have more than one university account you may find that your content appears on an account that you do not use for research, please contact the Pure Team to discuss which account you wish to use as your primary account.

Availability of Pure

Pure is available to academic staff, honorary and visiting staff, postgraduate students and administration staff.

Academic staff should have Pure profiles aready authorised for them. If you cannot log into Pure, please contact the Pure Team. 

Honorary and visiting staff will be set up with access to Pure based on the HR record, you can contact the Pure Team if you have any questions about your Pure Access.  

Postgraduate students have access to Pure and their profiles will be visible on the Research Portal. If you do not have access to Pure, please contact

Administration staff will be granted access by the Pure team. If you do not have access please email

Access to Pure is linked to appointments in the HR record. If you leave the institution, your access to Pure will terminate and your profile will no longer be visible on the Research Portal. If you have any questions about your Pure Profile, please contact the Pure Team.

Personal User Overview

The software provider recently updated the look and feel of Pure on the personal overview screen, which presents a summary of your research and helps you access and add content in Pure. The guide below details these changes, please use this to familiarise yourself with the new personal overview page.

Pure New Interface

Additional guidance on how to add your research content can be found at Adding Content.