Open Access

Open Access

 ​​​​*New UKRI Open Access Policy*

From 1 April 2022 UKRI (UK Research and Innovation) requires immediate open access on peer-reviewed articles, reviews, and conference papers, find out more about the new policy here. You can also find out more about Open Access Publisher Agreements that can help you comply with the new UKRI policy. 

Open access is the permanent unrestricted access to digital research such as journal articles and books. Research is open to all without any charge and licensing terms allow for free reuse if the original source is cited. Ensuring your work is open access facilitates the discovery, sharing and citation of your research.

Pure facilitates open research through the deposit of author accepted manuscripts to meet green open access requirements. Pure is used to feed information to the Aberdeen University Research Archive (AURA) and the University’s Research Portal where your work can be accessed freely by the public. Pure is used by researchers across the University to build research profiles and promote academic activity.

Pure is also used to build a catalogue of open research data for the University of Aberdeen and to store datasets where third party data repositories are not suitable.

Researchers who publish their work through open access experience many benefits:

  • Faster sharing of research findings, contributing to the researcher’s reputation.
  • Maximises research impact: open access articles are more likely to be accessed and cited than an article which sits behind paywall models.
  • Repositories such as AURA improve the visibility of research undertaken by individuals, research groups etc. at the University. This is important when attracting research funding and research students.
  • Increases researcher’s access to the academic literature in their fields.

Click the link below to find out more about the new open access policy changes.

New Open Access Policy Changes Guide