*** Pure is currently unavailable due to a scheduled upgrade. Please do not attempt to access Pure between 08:00 and 17:00 on 19 October 2021 ***

Three new releases of Pure are issued by our software provider every year, the Pure team test and review each upgrade before rolling out a new version. When a new version is due to be rolled out you will be notified when you log into Pure and on this web page. Our last upgrade took place on 19 October 2021

What can I expect during the upgrade?

Upgrades normally take a few hours but may take a full day. Updates to existing data and the introduction of new features, mean that you will not be able to log into Pure during an upgrade

What will happen to publication lists on staff pages?

Publication lists generated from Pure and displayed on staff pages and university web pages will not be available during the upgrade. These pages are generated dynamically and rely on system availability to display publication lists.

Publication lists can be accessed from our public research portal https://abdn.pure.elsevier.com/en/  The research portal does not rely on the same dynamic connection as staff pages and stores data even when the system is unavailable.

Can I still notify paperaccepted@abdn.ac.uk of new publications?

Yes, the email service will still be available, although the library team will not be able to add your publications to pure until after the upgrade has finished

What can I expect after an upgrade?

For most users, Pure will be the same as before; many of the changes happen in the background and will be more noticeable to users with administrative roles. Where new features will change the look or function of Pure we will provide details of new features on this page.

Who can I contact for more information?

For more information please email n.strong@abdn.ac.uk

What other system maintenance is ongoing?

Following the launch of RAMS (worktribe) synchronisations of new applications to Pure has been suspended, until work is completed on synchronising to the new system. To view your applicaitons please log into Worktribe https://uoa.worktribe.com/ 

Award and Project information continues to be synchronised from other systems into Pure; if your award or project data in Pure is not correct please email n.strong@abdn.ac.uk