Interdisciplinary Research Projects

Interdisciplinary Research Projects

This searchable database contains details of pump-primed cross-discipline research projects taking place at the University of Aberdeen.

One of the main strands of our Aberdeen 2040 plan is to address urgent and wide-ranging challenges in the interdisciplinary areas of Energy Transition, Social Inclusion and Cultural Diversity, Environment and Biodiversity, Data and Artificial Intelligence, and Health, Nutrition and Wellbeing.

The wide range of projects on display here is a demonstration of some of the early-stage research being funded in these critical areas as well as the University's commitment to addressing the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals, a "blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all."

Projects undertaken in 2021 were funded by the University of Aberdeen's Scottish Funding Council allocation.

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Research Assistance for the Menstruation Research Network UK

Established in 2019, the Menstruation Research Network UK has partaken and documented a change in the discourse, policy, and media surrounding menstruation. Our aim is to grow the network and develop discourse on the various aspects surrounding menstruation.

Aberdeen Digital Humanities Workshops

Through a series of workshops, this project’s goal is to enhance and build on the opportunities presented by applying computer-based technology in the field of the humanities.

Machine learning for optimal operation of water resources systems: a feasibility study

The management of water resource systems is a complex problem where an increasing number of interests must be balanced in a sustainable manner to meet short and long-term objectives. Could a machine learning approach improve decision-making in this area?

Community regeneration and biodiversity within a food activism and sustainability framework

The benefits of food growing and gardens are numerous and considerable. We propose that further work needs to be done to explore how to maximise these benefits for different groups using coordinated approaches that have the potential to address a range of requirements across different sectors and ages.

Androgen receptor signalling: from differential equations to hormone replacement therapy

It is known that hormones in circulation decline with age and androgen replacement treatments may have health benefits for ageing men and women. Our aim is to build mathematical models that will simulate the function of the androgen receptor to ultimately allow us to learn more about potential treatments.

Multiphysical assessment and monitoring of flooded underground coal mines for sustainable geothermal energy use

The floodwater found within the UK’s abandoned coal mines provides a significant opportunity as a source for geothermal energy. This project aims to explore the hydrological and environmental impact of geothermal exploitation, including groundwater-geothermal resource sustainability, environmental flows and river ecology.

The Mindfulness Challenge to Western Individualism

Buddhism and mindfulness resonate particularly well with contemporary Western society because they shed light on the struggle between individualism and the human need for community and social interdependence. This project looks to create a series of videos exploring this tension.

Understanding the rules of self-prioritisation effects in bolstering mood

Healthy people favour information associated with themselves and they prioritise stimuli that generate positive valence. Our aim is to create a model to aid our understanding of how changes in self-prioritisation may play a part in indicating neuropsychological disorders.

Love in the time of dementia: love, care and dementia across the four cultures

Existing research into dementia is highly Eurocentric. This project aims to lay the groundwork for research across four different cultures, understanding how caregiving is carried out in the context of dementia in conversation with the theologies and practices that are indigenous to each culture.

Food proVISION through sustAinable faRming sYstems and value chains (VISIONARY)

VISIONARY wants to make a difference in food system transitions by identifying what factors underlie the path dependencies and ‘lock-ins’ in current unsustainable food systems and showing how these can be overcome.
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