Research Projects

Research Projects

Our research areas cover a wide range of disciplines from archaeology, geology, biology, pathology, medical, food chemistry, environmental sciences and interact with different industries from the oil and gas sector to the food industry.

We grow our plants in a temperature controlled greenhouse, can use microbiological fermenters and use clean lab conditions for sample preparations. The sample types range from rocks, soils to plants and other biological tissues to man-made materials such as archaeological artefacts. The techniques we use to elucidate the molecular form of the element of interest are similarly wide ranging.

Currently we are involved in larger consortia projects:

  • TeaSe (NERC funded)
  • CAPABLE (GCRF, MRC funded)
  • ReMIND (EMPIR, EU funded)
  • BRAVE (Bangladesh Risk of Acute Vascular Events)
  • MILEAGE (EU funded)

In our lab we have 8 elemental and molecular mass spectrometers available, which can be combined with different sample introduction systems including gas and liquid chromatography, field flow fractionation or a laser ablation system in addition to dedicated mercury analysers. Additional instruments / techniques we have at least temporary access to include XANES/EXAFS and electron microscopy.

Some of the research done with these set-ups can be found on the following pages.