As an undergraduate student, you will normally be required to study 8 courses, worth 15 credit points each, during your first year. You will therefore be required to study 4 courses within your first half session (September to December) and a further 4 in your second half session (January to May). Dependent on your degree programme, some of these courses will be compulsory and some may be optional.

Step 1: Compulsory Courses

Refer to the University's Calendar for details of the courses you must study as part of your degree programme. The Calendar example below displays the courses a Single Honours student in Year 1 of the MA Entrepreneurship programme must study.

Programme Year 1: 120 Credit points
First Half-Session Second Half-Session
Course Code Course Title Credit points Course Code Course Title Credit points
MS 1007 Managing People and Organisations 15 AC 1513 Accounting & Entrepreneurship 15
EC 1005 Economics of Business & Society 15 MS 1507 Business Environment 15
Plus 60 Credit points from courses of choice
i.e. this student must study MS 1007 and EC 1005 in their first half session and AC 1513 and MS 1507 in the second half session and choose a further two courses to study in each half session.
  • The first two digits of a course denote the discipline area, e.g. EC represents Economics.
  • The first numerical digit denotes the programme year, while the second digit denotes in which half session the course takes place. Please note that a '0' indicates a first half session course and a '5' indicates a second half session course.

Step 2: Optional Courses

Most students taking single honours undergraduate degrees at Aberdeen are required to take Enhanced Study. Undergraduate students are normally required to take the following number of credits of Enhanced Study:

Programme year 1: 30 credits (Normally, this will be one 15-credit course each half-session).

Programme year 2: 30 credits (Normally, this will be one 15-credit course each half-session).

Programme years 3 and 4: 30 credits (Normally, this will be one 15-credit course in programme year 3 and one 15-credit course in programme year 4).

Enhanced Study Options are designed to allow students to have choice, wider opportunities and greater flexibility in their learning. There are three types of Enhanced Study Options:

  1. Sixth Century Courses invite you to consider different approaches to knowledge and enquiry as you look at issues affecting the world in which we live today. For a full list of please of Sixth Century Courses visit the Sixth Century Courses page.
  2. Sustained Study is designed to provide you with continual exposure, throughout your first two years, to an area of study that is separate to your core subject. Should you be interested in taking a Sustained Study, this will cover your entire Enhanced Study requirements for both years one and two. For a full list of Sustained Study courses please visit the Sustained Study Options page.
  3. Discipline Breadth Courses allow you to extend the scope of your study by taking a single course that interests you. For a full list of Discipline Breadth courses please visit the University's Catalogue of Courses.

If you are studying Medicine or Dentistry, you will not be required to take any enhanced study options as the majority of your courses are compulsory.

If you are a Joint Honours student, or on a Major-Minor programme, you will not be required to undertake Enhanced Study Options, as the joint nature of your degree provides the necessary breadth.

The remainder of optional courses can be reviewed in the University's Catalogue of Courses.