Iain Fraser Cytometry Centre (IFCC)

NEW at IFCC: We are also delighted to introduce new technologies in the field of preclinical research by providing the In vivo Imaging System 'In-Vivo MS FX PRO' from Bruker. This tool allows scientists to perform their research under a physiological environment.

Translational Cytomics Research solution in one Centre:

Translational Cytomics ResearchIFCC offers wide range of cutting-edge technologies to deliver a One-Stop Service in Preclinical Research:

  • In vivo preclinical imaging
  • Tissue preparation for single cell analysis
  • Multi-parameter single cell analysis
  • Luminex Multiplexing Assay
  • Flow sorting at Single Cell Genomics level
  • Cell tracking in physiological environment

The Iain Fraser Cytometry Centre (IFCC) was established by funding from Dr Iain Fraser who founded Saving Sight in Grampian in 1988 to raise funds to research blinding diseases of the eye. Since then more than £3.2 million has been raised to fund several projects including major contributions towards the purchase of state-of-the-art equipment for the Cytometry Centre.

Scottish Society of Cytomics (SSC) logoIFCC is an active Member of Scottish Society of Cytomics (SSC)